What a colossal piece of horesedung! No wonder they disabled commenting on it. And Lexus didn't even bother proofread this insult. The very first sentence already makes me want to get my red pen. "Picture this: your neighbor pulls his incredible new (arriving Fall 2014) into his driveway." His new WHAT??? Sex doll?… » 4/17/14 2:41pm Thursday 2:41pm

Is the E81 the Clownshoe's "Little Brother"?

Two years ago, shortly after having graduated from university, I started a temp position at a school near my then hometown Heidelberg. As I arrived there only a few months before the end of the school year, and it was already clear that I was going to leave after that, I wasn't exactly in a bonding mood, and neither… » 4/16/14 6:18pm Wednesday 6:18pm