With these three I didn't drill the rivets just careful masking and a ton of cotton swabs with acetone. Just be very patient and mask everything that isn't metal. It's fucks up the wheels and eats through the "glass" at first touch. The paint on the edges and body lines like the door jams is pretty thin, be careful… » 8/31/14 11:18am Yesterday 11:18am

Awesome job! You are a good Bro-in-law. I wish I could do replicas of my old Mazdas or my Honda, but nobody does a casting. Well, that's one of the prices you have to pay for driving a boring car. » 8/30/14 7:13pm Saturday 7:13pm

Wait what? On what legal basis can Ferrari tell him how to or not to customise his car? They could sue him if he was selling sets of Purrari badges on e-bay for 10.99 plus tax, but that's not the case here. He was selling his personal car which happened to have some minor cosmetic alterations. If I were to buy a… » 8/27/14 5:59pm Wednesday 5:59pm

I don't get it! It's a car that is just coming to the stores. Chances are, in a few weeks you will be wading through them knee deep at the stores. I can understand paying a premium for STH, but this is beyond me. » 8/27/14 5:35pm Wednesday 5:35pm