In '99 my mum got a new Mazda 626 Wagon. A week later a truck backed into it while I drove it. She was pissed. It took me ages to tell her that it wasn't my fault andt that the driver's boss had already contacted his insurance and took full blame. It's hard to get that through when someone is yelling at you. » 11/25/14 11:05am Tuesday 11:05am

In Germany the law says that you can only use your rear fogs if visibility is below 50 meters or 150 feet. It also says that at a poor visibility like this, you are supposed to drive at speeds lower than 50 kph. Well, I still see people blasting down the Autobahn in a light drizzle with their rear fogs on. It's just… » 11/19/14 4:57pm 11/19/14 4:57pm

Good Luck! Nah, you don't need luck. You are ready, you are born ready, you are a natural talent, you are a driving god, they will want to kiss your feet, worship the earth you are walking on! Keep that in mind! » 11/15/14 3:56pm 11/15/14 3:56pm

[Rant] My Co-Workers are Morons

All my co-workers have at least the equivalent of two university majors, one bachelor and two state degrees. Let's say their brains are pretty stuffed, so stuffed that they can't figure out how to use this thing! You pull UNTIL IT CLICKS, this starts a spring mechanism which a few seconds later allows the next person… » 11/14/14 12:36pm 11/14/14 12:36pm

Oppo PSA: Excessive Use of Deodorant and Cigarettes don't mix!

Two young ladies were injured in Northern Germany when their Opel Corsa blew up. They were tarting themselves up for a night out, and managed to get high enough levels of deodorant in the cabin for it to explode when one of them lit a cigarette. They both suffered 1st and 2nd degree burns and were rushed to the… » 11/14/14 10:42am 11/14/14 10:42am