What year was your E60? My stepdad had an E61 535d from 2005 (I think). The engine was great, I experienced what "limited to 155 mph" means in that thing. As you said, mechanically sound, but every few eeks the center display would go dead. No sat-nav, no A/C, no music. Nothign major, it just had to be re-booted at… » 3/03/15 4:19pm Today 4:19pm

So what this says is that they will keep doing what they have been doing for the last couple days. Burn money! They have 8 (Opel) dealerships in Germany that sell offer Cadillacs as well. By far not enough for a country this size. For those they have to provide demonstrators, keep up a parts network, and probably give… » 3/03/15 3:13pm Today 3:13pm

You have to keep in mind that in the Eastern block, cars weren't a disposable item. So the lucky few who got a new one went through the effort of rust-proofing them as good as possible first thing. If bubbles showed up, they got treated immediately, and if something actually rusted through the owners prefered a clean… » 2/28/15 5:22pm Saturday 5:22pm

To make it at least worthy of any reaction from Audi, they would have to sell a car or two on their home turf first. Beat them at their home game and then run your mouth, so to speak. I can't see that happening. Their dealership network is a sad joke that you can't even call a 'network' and their products aren't… » 2/28/15 4:12pm Saturday 4:12pm